How we help

Tim ConnollyA word (or two) from our Founding Partner Tim Connolly:

“The executive search industry has always been very good at advising its clients, yet terrible at taking our own advice.

The industry is facing a period of seismic change, forcing it to undergo a transformation at a super-fast pace. We all need to wake up, reflect on our position and make strategic decisions in terms of adapting to survive. Search firms will either improve and differentiate themselves by expanding their offering to include more holistic talent solutions, or they will fail. It’s that simple.

Benefitting from the influence of meeting more than 800 search firms around the world in the last 17 years, we at ALC are well equipped to guide you on the process of future-proofing your business. Thankfully, it’s much more straightforward than it may sound.

Most heads of small to medium size search firms are spending their time looking after their clients. Nothing wrong with that? Yes, there is! If nobody is looking after the strategy and future of your firm, there will be a decreasing number of clients left to look after. But you are busy people and that’s where ALC can help.

Let’s work together to think about how you can add leadership consulting, business intelligence, candidate pipelining and succession planning to your suite of services. Let’s also consider your own company’s onboarding and retention, having the right governance in place with your own board and non-execs too. We’d like to help you build a robust and secure business, smartly protecting you against the future, edging you in front of your competitors and becoming more profitable.”


Please contact me or any member of the team to talk about:

  • Strategic advice on how to build value and create an exit strategy/M&A.
  • Advice and assistance in reintroducing private equity and investment for growth
  • Help in setting up an alliance partnership or a presence in another geography
  • Guidance around setting up a strong advisory board and Non-execs
  • Retained search solutions for supplying Partners and others globally
  • A talent pool of researchers, associates and freelance research support
  • Comprehensive business intelligence about the market and your competitors
  • Our assessment and talent solutions as a value-add for yourselves and your clients
  • Marketing and branding consultancy to help accentuate your differentiators